DayStar Proudly Presents the UVVIS Instrument Gallery (I&T and Ship)

Here are some mostly tasteful shots of the highly anticipated UVIS optical payload for the BRRISON balloon observation mission, launching in mid-to-late September. More info on the project and on DayStar’s involvement is coming soon!

Most of our stuff is hidden in the  big white electronics box, and what is shown is the work of SwRI, HPD, and CASA’s talented engineers and staff. These awesome people include (but aren’t limited to, and in no particular order): Eliot Young, Steve Osterman, John Andrews, Judy Brownsberger, Josh West, Mike Snow, Dan Bryce, Ann Shipley, Michael Vincent, Chelsea  Donaldson, Rachael, and everyone else involved. Killer crew and we’re stoked to be a part of it.

And here is a sweet video of the UVIZ’s mechanisms built by HPD and DayStar’s electronic/software control interfaces operating flawlessly together, in a fully vertical orientation. Of course, the commentary is the best part.


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