Back in the Balloon Hanger: Same PI, New Outlook

DayStar is finally back in scenic Fort Sumner, NM. When we are not enjoying the culinary scene, we are back in the balloon hanger, glued to a couple computer monitors.

All in all, its pretty similar to our time here last year. But subtly different. Sure, we are pulling all nighters. But this time, they are done to fine tune and demonstrate our payload, not desperately trying to fix broken hardware. We are pretty calm this time around. Everything works thus far, and the chest-crushing nervousness we had just a month ago has dissipated into a dull dread of what-ifs.

But as a comparison, just take a look at Eliot Young, our PI on both projects. These two photos were taken about 4 days before the launch of each payload. Last year, he was… less than enthused with the prospect of things. This year he is a bit better inclined.

Here’s the video that shows skeptical Eliot in all his glory:

All in all, things are going well and we are pretty stoked for flight! Ground testing thus far, even with horrendous seeing conditions, have been a success. Alls that is left to do now is fly!


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