Conference Papers

Now that DayStar has flown on a balloon and proven its performance, we want to get the word out! To that end, we are embarking upon a series of conference trips to present our test flight data. Each conference is listed below, and we’ll furnish links to the  papers and/or presentations as they become available.

ESA Symposium on European Rocket and Balloon Programmesesa_tuhn

Location: Tuhn, Switzerland

Dates: June 9-13, 2013

Link: Pending publication

Description: DayStar departs for Europe to spread the word of a daytime star tracker for balloons overseas.

IEEE Aerospace Conference

Location: Big Sky, Montana

Dates: March 2-9, 2013

Link: Pending publication

Description: The team will be presenting its first paper on the September, 2012 test flight (other conferences have faster turn times between paper writing and presentation). The presentation will be given by Jed Diller and Zach Dischner.

AAS GN&C Conference, Student Competition

Location: Breckenridge, Colorado

Dates: February 1-6, 2013

Link: DayStar_AAS_Presentation

Link: DayStar AAS Paper

Description: DayStar competed among five other teams of graduate students: one from CU, two from MIT and two from Texas A&M. Kevin Dinkel and Nick Truesdale presented, and helped the team secure the SpaceX Grand Prize! The team also won $1,000 in scholarship funding and a very pretty plaque.

AIAA 51st Aerospace Sciences Meeting, Student Competition

Location: Grapevine, Texas

Dates: February 1-6, 2013

Link: DayStar: Modeling the Daytime Performance of a Star Tracker for High Altitude Balloons

Description:  After winning at the student conference, DayStar was invited to Grapevine to compete with the winners from each other region. While the paper was the same, the presentation was able to focus on the test flight data. This presentation was given by Nick Truesdale. While it did not win, each judge gave an average of more than 4.5/5.

AIAA Student Conference, Region V

Location: Boulder, Colorado

Dates: April 5, 2012

Link: See above

Description: While still manufacturing near the end of the Spring semester, DayStar submitted a paper on the daytime modeling process to the AIAA student conference. The paper was presented by Nick Truesdale and Michael Skeen, and won 1st Place in the team division! In addition to a cash prize, the paper won a spot in the AIAA 51st Aerospace Sciences Meeting, which is shown directly above.

Technical Documents

Final presentations and technical papers assessing DayStar’s performance and design evolution. From conceptualization in August, 2011, through technical paper presentations of test flight and post processing results in Spring of 2013.

IEEE Report (18 months after project conception):

Design, Build, and Field-Test Report

PDR Presentation (5 weeks after project conception):


CDR Presentation:


Fall Final Report (3 months after project conception):


Project Final Report (7 months after project conception):



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